Routes through the area

Out on these family-friendly hikes, you will experience nature in its purest form, a world of rare plants and animals that you can gaze out over from lookout points. At Erlberg beach, you will also be able to enjoy a break and take a refreshing dip in the water.

The Short Tour

For a first glimpse ...

A walk along the Thomas-Bernhard-Weg in the north is an excellent way to gain a first impression of this area. You can set out either from Granisiedlung section of Schüttdorf close to the tennis hall or from Erlberg swimming beach in the east. Length ca. 1.2 km, actual walking time ca. 20 minutes.

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The Big Tour

Starting at Schüttdorf

Leaving from the indoor tennis center in Schüttdorf, head out along the Thomas-Bernhard-Weg. At the bridge, turn south and follow the trail through a little bog wood as far as the Porscheallee alley at the horse stabel. Turn left and continue until you reach the viewing platform located within the town limits of Bruck. Here you walk left crossing the parking area and reaching the main street where you turn left again. Follow the broad foot- and bike-trail along the Thumersbacher main road to the north, until you reach the Otto-Witschier-Weg. Now follow the paved country lane back to your original starting point. Length ca. 4.3 km, walking time ca. 65 minutes.

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The Longest Tour

Coming from lido Strandbad Erlberg

Setting out from Erlberg swimming beach off the shore road, begin by walking alont the sports grounds, head west on the Thomsas-Bernhard-Weg as far as a small rest area on the  Kleiner Seekanal.There, backtrack just a little as far as the bridge, then turn south and continue your hike next to the Seekanal. Keep following the path (Rössl Promenade) through the small forested swamp as far as the Porscheallee close to the horse stable. There you turn left and continue along the alley until you get to the entrance on Brucker municipality. Along the main road of Thumersbach you take the broad path to the north. Reaching the Otto-Witschier-Weg turn left and walk along the paved country lane to bridge crossing the Großer Seekanal and further another bridge over the Kleiner Seekanal. Now right  on the Thomas-Bernhard-Weg back to your original starting point. Length 7.5 km. Walking time about 2 hours 10 minutes

Map and description for download

Open Year Round!

Our "WiesenKönigReich" nature trail is open to the public from dawn to dusk all year round! The changing seasons offer fascinating insights into nature over the course of the year. The paths are cleared in winter, though they may be icy or flooded (this is a wetland area!). Bes sure to bring along good, sturdy shoes. Get out and explore nature!

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