A nature trail through the fascinating lancsape of marsh and wet meadows on the southern shore of Lake Zeller See

„WiesenKönigReich - Wetlands of Zeller See"

The south shore of the lake Zeller See harbours a nature jewel, a vast, even moorland amidst alpine scenery. Created in 2015, a themepath takes visitors out along hiking paths to the special highlights of this nature reserve. Audio stations, lookout points and information gateways show examples of endangered natural beauty, how the countryside here was created and is being looked after, and encouraging everyone to make their own personal observations.

We invite you to visit this unique area. Here on our website, you will find additional   background information  about Zeller See - Southern Shore Nature Sanctuary!

Actual view of the protected area

Boloria Selene
On the right hand the lake Zeller See, in the back Schüttdof

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