A Walk through the Zeller See South Shore Nature Sanctuary

Visit Zeller See Nature Sanctuary!

Regardless of the time of year, a walk through Zeller See Nature Reserve and the "WiesenKönigReich" in Salzburg is always certain to reveal whole new aspects of this precious, though gradually disappearing habitat.

Brucker Moos and Zeller Moos bog don't only provide a safe retreat for rare animal species, they are also a place to experience the wonders of nature as a whole.

Within the framework of a nature preservation project sponsored by the State of Salzburg, opportunities have been created along the hiking paths from Bruck and Zell am See to visit the area without disturbing the wildlife there:



Along the nature trail "WiesenKönigReich" the habitats and inhabitants of the wetlands of the Zeller See are introduced.

Viewing area

In the south, a viewing platform with telescope allows visitors to look out across the expansive moorland meadows


Info barn

In the second stage of this project, an info station will be built in keeping with the style of traditional hay barns in the area (2016).

Enjoy nature with respect

Rules for your visit

The animals and plants living in the reserve need protection. In particular nesting birds require areas without human interference, in which they search for food and raise their young. That is why we ask you to follow some special rules while visiting our nature sanctuary:
  • Dogs must strictly be kept on a leash!
  • Never walk out into the wet land.
  • Please obey all signs and stay
    on marked paths!

We ask you to respect some rules in the WiesenKönigReich!

Not like this - please, do not leave the official paths!

Spring in the "WiesenKönigReich"

Video from youtube by feeltheholiday

Trail Map for download in print friendly pdf version

Here you can see

the possible routes through the area