WiesenKönigReich Zell am See

Breeding Birds

Other bird species

Many other bird species brood within the nature sanctuary. Some of the more important species include:
common reed bunting, tree pipit, Eurasian reed warbler, marsh warbler, common whitethroat, white-spotted bluethroat.


The whinchat has suffered dramatic losses in population since the 1960s. Once a frequent and characteristic bird of the valley bottom between Zell am See and Krimml, it has since be severely decimated.



The corncrake is a shy and rare migratory bird. In May, it comes from its overwintering areas of Sout-Eastern Africa to Austria and nests amid wet meadows.

Common Snipe

The Common Snipe is one of Salzburg's rarest breeding birds. One breeding pair was observed regularly inseide Zeller SEe nature sanctuary until the year 2000.  


The brooding season for the 18-19 cm-large skylark is from mid-April until August. It, too, lays its nest directly on the ground. Its food is provided by insects and seeds.