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Analysis and management of protected sites as important instruments for nature conservation

In 2007 the Federal state of Salzburg presented a management plan (made by Landschaft & Plan Passau) for the area south of Lake Zell. The situation and management measures have been proposed which aim to “preserve one outstanding natural beauty” of Austria.  

The care plan is an important tool for the specific use of conservation funds and is a guide for optimal care and protection of the individual zones.

In Natura 2000 sites, a management plan is the basis for monitoring the state of preservation and for the mandatory reporting to the European Commission.

The focal points of management for the reserve are:

  • Improvement of hydrology (water ressources) of the area
  • System of ponds (for amphibians) and water
  • Protection of the landscape and networking corridors (sightlines toward Hohe Tauern)
  • Improvement of grassland birds habitats
  • Backup of important plant resources
  • Litter meadow maintenance (mowing / grazing in spring)
  • The information for visitors of Europa reserve
  • Establishment of a protected area supervision

The first action was started yet in the course of data collection (negotiation of ÖPUL contracts with farmers and landowners). Meanwhile a new Amphibian biotope has been established as an important contribution to the preservation of the outstanding large amphibian population on Erlberg. Some plots were purchased by the City of Zell am See, in order to carry out the improvement of the conservation goals more easily.

Finally, a reserve support from the Federal State of Salzburg will be established.

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Managementplan - Landschaftspflegeplan Zeller See Süd