Yellow wagtail in the WiesenKönigReich Zell am See

Yellow wagtail

The Yellow wagtail puts its nest directly on the ground, laying 5-6 eggs incubated for 2 weeks. After 17 days the chicks fledge. Yellow wagtails feed on insects and spiders.

Brooding season for the Yellow wagtail Motacilla flava is from May to June. The populations in the wet meadows of Salzburg have declined dramatically. In 2012 and 2013, only here and in the vicinity from Zell am See and Piesendorf the wagtail was recorded. In the other parts of the state of Salzburg (e.g. Lungau or Flachgau) it disappeared. The yellow wagtail is a characteristic bird of extensively used litter meadow and wet low-yield pasture.

On Zeller See south shore two  subspecies are recorded M. f. cinerocapilla and M. f. feldegg.

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