The corncrake is a shy and rare migratory bird. In May, it comes from its overwintering areas of South-Eastern Africa to Austria and nests amid wet meadows. Only few are lucky enough to truly catch sight of the corncrake, which is a member of the rail family. You are far more likely to hear its characteristic rasping call, from which its German nickname "Wiesenknarrer" - essentially "meadow creaker" in English - derives. Crex crex - the scientific name - likewise refers to the typical, unmistakable call of this bird.

Even as late as the 1950s, its call could be heard relatively frequently in Salzburg. That said, the intensification of agriculture brought this to an end. Now it has only a few remaining refuges. One of these is the "WiesenKönigReich" - the nature sanctuary on the Zeller See!


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